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Helen Neal FAoR, I.I.R, A.R.T.(regd), I.T.E.C. Dip, A.P.N.T, B.C.M.A., C.R.T


Helen is an experienced reflexologist and sports injury therapist. Realising that a reflexology treatment is far more effective if it incorporated lower leg massage techniques Helen developed a unique style which she calls 'Reflexplus'. Helen now runs training courses to reflexologists and Sports Massage therapists demonstrating these techniques.


Helen is a director at Simply Therapy and accredited with the following, industry recognised, associations. She is a board member of the AoR and represents the APNT on the reflexology standards forum:

Association of Reflexologists (AoR) -

Helen trained with the Practitioners School of Reflexology (who are accredited by the AoR) at the education centre at West Middlesex Hospital. The AoR was founded in the UK in 1984 as an independent reflexology organisation. Helen is a Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists and also serves on the AoR board of directors.


International Institute of Reflexologists (IIR) -

Helen trained with the IIR at their London training college. The IIR is based in the USA and was founded in the 1974. It is based on the Ingham Method™ founded by Eunice Ingham in the 1930’s. The IIR is still managed by Eunice’s nephew Dwight Byers. More recently Helen has trained in the USA with Tony Porter in Advanced Reflexology Techniques (A.R.T.) and is now a registered advanced reflexologist.


International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) -

Helen trained in both holistic and remedial (sports) massage therapy with Essentials for Health at St Thomas’s hospital in London. Established in 1992, Essentials for Health has grown to become one of the most reputable and innovative schools of professional courses in massage within the U.K.


Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT) - Established in 1968 the APNT represents practitioners who have reached the required requisite standards. The APNT is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and members are bound to their code of ethics, Within the APNT Helen holds the post of reflexology consultant.


British Complemenarty Medicine Association (BCMA) -

An umbrella organisation that supports and promotes recognised therapies. The BCMA ensure that the standards of training are adequate for the therapy and have disciplines and codes of ethics that members must ahere to.

Government Reflexology Forum(s)

Helen is currently a member of the Reflexology Forum which, as a body, defines the standards for the reflexolgy industry within the UK.